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WAKE UP - by Peggy White Russ

Wakeup by Peggy White Russ

Wake Up
By Peggy White Russ

In Wake Up, author Peggy White Russ shares her experiences as a pastor’s wife—experiences that led to an intense spiritual unrest and subsequent loss of the vision she once had for the ministry. Peggy reveals how she began her pursuit of the heart of God through a lengthy fast that uncluttered her spirit and allowed her to become amazingly sensitive to God. Just days before Christmas in 2008, she heard a specific call from God: “Wake up, Peggy. Wake up.” When she answered this summons from God, she could clearly see the church stepping into the end times. Peggy shares the beginning of her in-depth research on end-time prophecy and some of the material she used to teach her class about the prophetic events happening in this era of time.

Wake Up reveals God’s love toward the seeking soul—lifting them from the rubble of trials and then enlisting them into His end-time army of triumphant, spiritually aware warriors. Follow Peggy down the path of her discontentment and trails to the mountaintop of spiritual awakening.

Peggy White Russ became fascinated with storytelling while growing up without a television in her home. She teaches the Scriptures using the stories of her life to present the message in a practical and personal way. She and her husband, Richard, live in Cocoa Florida, where he is the pastor of Shield of Faith Ministries.

FORMATS: Softcover and e-book

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